With 6 boats designed and operated to meet all international standards, L’Azalée Cruises provide a wide range of services including: L'Azalée Premium, Deluxe and Classic Cruises to explore stunning Halong Bay.


L'Azalée Vessels


Our innovatively designed vessels offer resort-standard accommodation and service while operating to international maritime standards and safety. Our warm, welcoming staff aboard each vessel ensures that every cruise is an enjoyable journey. Experience Halong Bay with our PremiumDeluxe and Classic Cruises.

L'Azalée Packages

We offer day and overnight cruises on both private and joined boats, providing itineraries for everything from brief cruises lasting a few hours to in-depth multi-day journeys that allow guests to fully experience the majestic beauty of Halong Bay. Whether you are a couple looking for a romantic getaway or a large family looking for an exciting adventure, L’Azalée has a tour for you. 

Discover L'Azalée  

L’Azalée is named after the azalea flower, which needs temperate, fresh conditions to flourish. We aim to provide our guests with a similar atmosphere, both onboard and offboard our vessles. Guests can expect the perfect blend of feminine, sweet, fresh and delicate touches throughout their trip.